Our first speaker today was Cathy Hunter from Courtesy Acura Sales & Leasing. She spoke today on the benefits of leasing a new car, she discussed the 5 myths of leasing.

1. Buying is cheaper than leasing – There are a few ways you save money by purchasing a new car, the main one is by keeping your car well past the loan payoff – if you trade your car in prior to pay off the trade in value is unlikely to cover the loan balance. For example – if you lease a new Chevrolet Malibu for 3 years your average payment would be 489.00 a month and whenyou turn the car in at the end of your lease – you would pay a 395.00 turn in fee and walk away. But if you purchased the Malibu with a 5 year loan and a 7.9 interest rate your monthly payment would be 546.00 and after 5 yrs. it would be your free and clear.

2. You can’t negotiate a good deal with a lease-only if you don’t know the jargon…

Capitalized cost: This is the vehicle price and you should haggle over the total price ofthe car.

Money Factor: The lower this number is the better for you. You should take this number and times it by 2400, this will give you an approximate interest rate. You must ask for this number from your dealer although they may be reluctant to reveal it.

Residual Value: This is the value of your car at the end of your lease – if your vehicles residual value is inflated it will reduce your monthly payments, but will hand cuff you at the end of the lease. Having a more realistic residual value will make it easier for you to sell the lease, trade in your vehicle or buy the vehicle at the end of your lease.  Chrysler is one company that can no longer lease vehicles – due to inflation of their leases and created a really low residual value for their leases.

3. There are no tax breaks on leasing: Most states on leases you only pay sales tax on the monthly payments not on the sale price of the car.

4. There may be a hefty fee when turning in your vehicle: The typical alloment of 10,000 to 12,000 is stingy and with the18-21 cent oer mile penatly for exceeding the that may seem daunting, but you will also be penalized for higher than average mileage when trading in a car you have you have pruchased. You can negotiate a higher mileage limit but it includes a higher monthly payment.

5. Trying to get out before the end of the lease will cost you: Now there are several web based sites who match people who want out of their leases with people who want to assume a short term lease. At leasetrader.com you pay an 80.00 fee to post your car and 150.00 to complete the transfer.

Cathy Hunter                                                                                                                                                       

Courtesy Acura  * 303-795-7800 


Our second speaker today was Debbie Caperton of Premier Designs. She always brings a sense of style and today was no different. She talked to us about combining our Fashoin style with jewelry. There are 4 basic fahion types.

1. The Natural: Being a natural it is likely that you prefer a no fuss easy stlye. Minimal makeup, you dress for comfort and have a quick and easy hair style. When it comes to jewelry the natural will choose a simple chain, stud earrings or natural leather or shell type jewelry and a no nonsense watch.

Warning to the Natural: You can easily look under dressed, choose a precision haircut, careful makeup choices and polished accessories to avoid looking sloppy.

2. High Fashion Dramatic/Bold: The word clothes horse comes to mind in describing this personality. They love the latest styles – comfort takes a back seat to fashion. They are trendsetters and love that head turning look. Your motto with jewelry is “Go Big or Go Home!” They love the metallics trend in jewelry.

Warning to the High Fashion: You can easily look overdone and may need to tone down her look a notch. 

2. Tailored Classic: The Tailored Classic prefers and understated, refined and elegant look. She will forego the latest trends in favor for of a more timeless style. Balance and symmetry characterize her clothing, her makeup is perfectly balanced in muted natural shades and her hair is shoft and chic. Her evening look is more likely velvet than glitz.

Warning to the Tailored Classic: You can easily have a look that may be to safe and conservative and even BORING. Adding a piece of shiny jewelry can liven up her look.

4. Romantic: The Romantic woman dresses with a delicate, soft lookand consistantly prefers the flowing silhouettes, calm colors and round detailing like scallops and ruffles. Her hair style is sof with curls or waves. Feminity is the key to her accessory choices. The makeup choices often lean toward soft pink or peachy shades applied with a light touch.

Warning to the Romantic: A Romantic needs to be careful about looking to “little girlish”, especially in business situations.

Debbie Caperton  *  303-988-7119  *  rdahome@comcast.net

We had a very informative day full of fun and entertainment!