Today’s first speaker was Mary Walker with Walker Solutions in Golden, Colorado. Mary started her talk today by answering the most often comment that she hears from us and this is that you do not know people that are right to refer to her. Mary works with people in all stages of life, all different businesses and all types of backgrounds.
Walker Solutions current clients –
HR Consulting –
• $100 M company with 300+ employees
• Start-up company in second round of financing with 38 employees
• Start up in first round of venture funding with 15 employees
• 4 companies with 5 employees or less
• 3 solo-preneurs

Coaching –
• First resume worked on – helping to negotiate $500K package in new job opportunity
• 13 years working with defense contractor – retired last week – what is next
• New business owner of two entrepreneurial businesses
• Pharmaceutical sales rep moving to non-profit based in third world
• Daughter dealing with challenges of an aging parent – co-parenting with siblings
• Redesigning career – moving from Omaha to DC

Most of Mary’s client base in the coaching part of her business are in transition.  Let’s talk about transition and some of the tools that Mary uses with her clients in transition.
• How to find your next step in life?
• When you listen to yourself fearlessly the next steps come easily
• Fearlessly is the problem…who can do that?
For some people, the paths are wide and deep and offer a variety of options.  For others, the path is narrow and it is difficult to figure out where to go next.
Personal growth is possible when you can redefine the borders of your previous life.  It requires stretching oneself.  It requires personal reflection and honest consideration.
Review personal choices and decisions that you have made.  Review experiences.  What are the dreams that you have held onto?  This reflection has the possibility of providing clarity of what you need to let go of and what you have held onto in order to create a new path.  What do you want to do next?
Be open to creative ways you can use your skills and satisfy your passions.
Visualization, guided imagery, journaling and meditation may be tools to assist in this process.  This sounds really “woo woo” but are effective tools to be utilized.
Fear — a big prohibitor to growth and choosing the next path.  Beneath fear, hesitation and uncertainty lies an inner knowing.  Trust that inner voice.  Listen to yourself fearlessly and finding that next step may come very easily.  Easier said than done…
Sometimes working through that fear comes to asking oneself “What is the worst thing that can happen?” or “Ok, now what?”
“What is next?”.  Having someone to help blow up all the exceptions that you come up with can help you understand what is standing in your way.  A coach can provide the support and ask the questions without having an investment in the eventual outcome.  A coach can be the unbiased resource to work through these questions, someone who is 100% committed to your success without having an investment in the outcome.
• There is something powerful in not knowing the answer to these questions.
• There is something freeing and childlike when we are living in the question.
• Embrace wonder.
• Ask for wonder and awe.
• Allowing these emotions into your consciousness can create an environment of creativity without an internal critic.
• Allow yourself to be childlike.
• There is freedom in admitting that you don’t know what is next.  It allows for a learning experience to emerge.
• Question your answers.

The difference between coaching and therapy…
When a client is spending a lot of our time looking in the rearview mirror… focusing on the past… Mary needs to refer them to a therapist.  She is not qualified to deal with these issues.
In order for, coaching to be effective… a client needs to be forward moving… looking towards goal achievement and forward motion. If you are in forward motion and need help focusing during a transition in your life give Mary Walker a call!
Mary Walker * Walker Solutions * 303.459.2401 *


Our second speaker today was Ginger Kaiser of Willows Floral in Golden, CO. Today Ginger wanted to talk to us about why you would want to use her as your local florist. With some many options to buy fresh flowers, as a result, many smaller florists have gone out of business. Ginger feels blessed to still have a good business with many wonderful clients. Ginger is different from the large chain stores in that she is the one taking the orders, buying the flowers and processing them, designing the bouquets, delivering and the billing. Because Ginger hand picks all the flowers she uses, she is able to find the prettiest and freshest product. Ginger also buys flowers just for the orders she is working on so her flowers are never stored. When purchasing her flowers at the wholesaler she takes buckets to fill with water, so that when transporting the flowers, they are never out of water and maintains the hydration of the blooms. Ginger will always buy extra flowers so she can see how they will hold up, to make sure she maintains quality control on her plants.
When dealing with a small business – like Ginger’s – excellent customer service is just as important as beautiful arrangements. Because Ginger is responsible for each and every step of the process, she is able to build good and lasting relationships with her clients. She doesn’t care if she is doing a minimum cost arrangement or a 100.00 arrangement she will give both the same attention to detail. To Ginger her reputation is everything!
Because the cost of flowers is rising, Ginger has a minimum arrangement cost of 38.00 plus a 10.00 delivery fee (may be more depending on location), Ginger will work her best to stay within your budget. She will not try to talk her clients into upping their budget, but part of her job is to make you look good, so she will let you know what is appropriate for the occasion that you are sending flowers. Ginger does not sell mums, Easter lilies and poinsettias because she cannot compete with the Home Depots, Lowe’s, Walmart and King Soopers in pricing. This doesn’t seem to have affected her business, mainly because she has some many other things to offer. Her main challenge with her business is dealing with a perishable product
During her 13 years in business, Ginger has only had 2 bounced checks and those were made good. In trying to keep her business as simple as possible she does not take credit cards and even with that she has only lost a couple of people. Ginger has a love for what she does and believes that this love helps her do a great job and this is something that she can see herself doing for many years to come.
If you are looking for local florist that will create the perfect floral arrangement for your occasion give Ginger Kaiser and Willows Floral a call!
Ginger Kaiser * Willows Floral * 303.989.6446*