Today we had two informative speakers – the first was Dr. Dorothy Parrott, a Behavioral Optometrist. She spoke today about how our vestibulo-ocular reflex works to stabilize our bodies, if you have ever noticed when standing on one leg how your body will shake this is your body working together with your vision to stabilize your body. Such as when you turn your head to the left causes eye movements to the right working in conjunction with the cranial nerves III for stabilization. Dr Parrott then presented the prism glasses to demonstrate the power of a prism in retraining the brain/eye connection. She passed around several of the prisms that they use with patients to discover where their correction needs to be. The prisms would shift your vision to the left or right depending on which way the focus was aimed. A few questions that were asked – One was – Can “Lazy Eye” be corrected with prisms? The answer is yes. Although after the surgery for “Lazy Eye” creates trauma and the therapy can take longer.  

Dr. Dorothy Parrott * Behavioral Vision Care * 303.986.9554

Our second speaker for the day was Leaila Bartleson of Mrs. Bee’s Baskets. She started her business in 1997 in Golden, Colorado. In the past, her main clients have been real estate brokers and Boulder Valley Hospital – as the problems with real estate has happened, it has effected her business and Boulder Hospital determined that they needed her to have her business in Boulder, and as she had an established business and clients in Golden and the surrounding areas, Leaila decided that her clients in the Metro area are more important the one client in Boulder, she has remained at the same location in Golden. As the holidays fast approach, yes – this is the time to be thinking about gift baskets for the holidays, this is the time of year when Leaila does approximately 85% of her yearly sales. She offers many options for her baskets – if you are including wine she can do personalized labels for the bottles, as well as many other products like candy or nuts. She is also one of the few Gift Basket companies that will allow her customers to place their own products in the baskets. Her basket prices range from $15.00 – 250.00, so there really is something for everyone. As one client commented to her “There are baskets and then there are BASKETS!”

Leaila Bartleson  *  Mrs. Bee’s Baskets  *  303.278.6433