Wednesday Speakers included Cathy Hunter from Courtesy Acura Auto sales and Leasing. Cathy discussed what should be the major concern in purchasing a car. Is it price or value.

Value is the most important item one should consider in purchasing a car.

The value in the company you are purchasing a car from come from many different areas, the number one area is the service department. The service department is the number one profit center for any dealership. They receive dealer incentives for service ratings. You should consider the following items in looking at a dealership service department.

Cost for each service item.

Do they have appointments for oil changes.

The appearance of the waiting area and service area…. is it clean and comfortable.

The new thing – do they have computer or wireless access.

Do they have a loyalty incentive plan for service customers – 10% of your service costs go to the purchase of your next vehicle.

Ease of service – do they offer a loaner car or a shuttle vehicle.

Check Consumer Report on the car that you are looking at buying – they generally have a 5 year cost of frequency and repair issues of all models. Also check the depreciation from the sticker price – how fast and how much.

Also look at the rates of loans – many dealerships have 0% or 2.9% interest loans but always check into your local credit union.

One last comment was on taxes verify what taxes are being paid. Some dealerships will pay the minimum taxes that they can to make the purchase price look lower. But in the end you have to pay the taxes to the state when you get your plates.

Our second speaker Wednesday was Ruthie Williams with Mary Kay Cosmetics – the focus on Wednesday was the variety of Eye Creams offered by Mary Kay. The main two are the Time Wise Age Fighting which is a lighter cream that focuses on the fine lines and the Time Wise Firming Eye Creme with hydrates the skin and plumps up the wrinkles. At a recent convention the research and development team had a table set up with a wand and computer – they ran the wand over your hand and the put the Firming Eye gream on it and waited 10 mins. and ran the wand back over the same area and it had a 100 pt. increase in hydration.

Ruthie then passed around a sample of each and had us put one on the back of each hand to feel the difference in each solution.

She also shared with us the Indulge Soothing Eye Gell which you pat on anytime for puffiness around the eye area. Also the Target Eye Action which is a roll on formula that eliminates both puffiness and dark circles.

After that Ruthie also brought out Oil issues: Mary Kay offer a couple of items to reduce the appearance of oil build up on your face. First was the Oil Blotters which is a 100% linen cloth that you can press on your nose or forhead to reduce the shininess of oil build up during the day. Then she presented the Oil Mattifier which is a liquid that you put on under your foundation in the morning and it gives you that clean matte look all day.