Today’s only speaker was Helen Masterson of Masterson & Friends Communication in Arvada, Colorado. Helen spoke today about our relationships with in this group as we just had our holiday party last week and she was surprised when someone said, “I wish we could go somewhere there was a piano, so we could hear Suzanne play.” And a newer member replied, “I didn’t know Suzanne played the piano.”

This made Helen think that although we see each other every week, we really don’t get the opportunity find out that much about our backgrounds and what our past experiences are.
For example, Suzanne not only plays the piano wonderfully, she also has been a piano teacher. “Music learning supports all learning. Not that Mozart makes you smarter.”
Kay plays the piccolo and was a flag in the Cherry Creek Marching band that marched in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade… in Dublin, Ireland!

What does this have to do with Connect? Well, what we have done in the past is often a part of how we do our business today.
Joan Brown was a song leader at the University of Utah and later a dance teacher in the Denver Public Schools. Think about her talk last week – she was prepared and organized with handouts like a teacher. Notice that when Helen said it was Sheri Lewis’s birthday last week, Susan perked up, ties to Hollywood perhaps. Yes, Susan was an extra on “The Brady Bunch” and is also a dancer, have you ever noticed how poised she is when giving her commercial or talk?
Speaking of poised, could you work with the public as a cashier at Target or Kohl’s as Laura Kilty once did? Another instance of poise – Ginger Kaiser worked for the State Parole Board. Could you sit in a room with a group of parolees, waiting to go before the parole board?
Have you ever thought about NREL – the National Renewal Energy Laboratory that sits just west of I-70. This campus is responsible for many of the breakthroughs in science and clean technologies and integrated energy systems. Dottie Johnson worked at NREL in the analytical department.
Linda Schafer was in the insurance industry prior to starting her own business in promotional products, is this the reason she is always so organized. Lastly, need a baked good – go to La Dolce Vida and enjoy a variety of Debbie Hansen’s baked goods, which she bakes herself.

Helen always has to say something before she starts her commercial – this is a result of a bad moment – for her anyway. She had to write a commencement speech for the Chancellor at spring commencement in Folsom Stadium. He was the first speaker, welcoming everyone, Helen was on the field and noticed that as he started speaking that people were still arriving and about three quarters through the speech everyone was seated and listening. She learned that in print you want to get right to the point and when giving a speech, you need to warm up the audience and get them used to listening. That is why you have to put up with Helen’s intros before her commercials.
So we started with music. Let’s end with music. Can any of you guess what instrument Helen play in high school? If you need someone to help you write an article or give a speech or create a piece for print, give Helen Masterson and Masterson & Friends Communications a call.
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