Today’s first speaker was Joan Bridgett from N2 Publishing in Arvada, Colorado. Joan started today by saying that she had just come back from a N2 Publishing conference and was excited for the direction that the company was going. She spoke about the comradery and family like environment that N2 Publishing works hard to create for its representatives. The focus now is actually not on selling but rather on creating connections between those affluent communities they work with and businesses that can benefit from that connection. Joan feels that she has changed how she approach the businesses – rather as an advisor to those businesses. She feels that the best way to connect with these communities is through the N2 Publications that Joan creates for the communities and are known to be read cover to cover by the home owners in these affluent areas.
Joan went on to explain what her job as an Area Director for N2 Publishing entails. First and foremost is to get businesses to advertise in the magazine for her communities, once again working with the businesses that she feels will connect well with those that receive the magazine. Secondly, Joan actually pulls together all of the content for the magazine, this includes doing stories on the families within the community, businesses that advertise to the community and other stories about the community. Lastly, she plans events throughout the year – like ice cream socials, barbeques and happy hours that include the both the home owners and the businesses the advertise to help each group to connect face to face.
Joan then shared a story about her personal life and how Peyton Manning inspired her in her own comeback. She had a neck injury similar to Peyton and was very worried about the risks of surgery. She followed Peyton’s journey back to health and eventually to his return to football with the Broncos. This inspired her to finally get the neck surgery she needed and return to the full and active life she can once again enjoy. If your business is looking to change its advertising strategy give Joan Bridgett a call and take a look at the opportunity she can offer.
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The second speaker today was Juli Parrott with Table Mountain Travel in Golden, Colorado. Juli wanted to go over the Travelers “Ten Commandments”. The purpose of travel is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things maybe, to see them as they are. By the faithful observance of these Traveler’s Ten Commandments you can find travel very rewarding.
1. Thou shall not expect to find things as thou left them at home, thou has left thy home to find things different. Such as in Europe they do not put ice cubes in water and won’t.
2. Thou shall not take anything to seriously, for a carefree mind is the beginning of a great vacation. It is best to go with the flow – like missed flights or trying to meet people from other areas all at the same time. Best laid plans don’t always go as planned – don’t let it ruin your time away.
3. Thou shall not let other tourist get on my nerves, for thou art paying good money to have a good time. Juli told about the time she was trying to help a German tourist at an airline counter and the tourist corrected her German.
4. Thou shall knowest where thy passport is at all times, for a man without a passport is a man without a country. Most important reminder is when traveling outside the US your passport must be current for six months AFTER you return.
5. Blessed be the person who can make change in any language, for, lo, he shall not be cheated. Before your trip learn about the currency for the country you will be in and find out how it works.
6. Blessed is the person who can say “thank you” in any language: and it shall be worth more to him than tips. Being nice and grateful will get you more in return than tips.
7. Thou shall not worry, for he that worries hath no pleasure: and few things are ever fatal. When you worry about missed flights or connections and lost luggage you can miss out on opportunities to have fun.
8. Thou shall not judge the people of a country by one person with whom thou hast had trouble. Not everyone is on their best behavior or having a good day.
9. Thou shall when in Rome do as Romans do; and if in difficulty, thou shall use the American common sense, friendly smile and kind disposition. Read and learn the body language of the country you are visiting.
10. Thou shall remember thou art a guest in every land; and he treateth his host with respect, shall be treated as an honored guest.
Remember that traveling distant lands is all about the experience, the sights and the shared time together. The objective in traveling would be not to gratify curiosity or to seek mere temporary amusement, but to learn, to venerate and to improve the understanding of the heart. If you are in need of a travel agent that will make you next adventure your best, give Juli Parrott and Table Mountain Travel a call!
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