Our first speaker today was Helen Masterson, owner of Masterson & Friends Communications in Arvada, Colorado. Helen spoke today about writing content for today’s reader. Most people today scan content for something that stands out. If they don’t find it in 8 seconds they will leave. Remember that in any content you are writing.
Developing a relationship requires more than an email that says “Check out this content – ei. “I found this info really interesting”. Unlike the printed publications out there where space is limited by the size of the paper, digital format platforms have infinite space. This type of format doesn’t force writers to edit their copy. You must edit yourself mercilessly, as you read each word or sentence, consider whether it contributes to your meaning. If not, get rid of it.
Eliminate the weak phrases like “with all due respect” and “that being said” without changing the meaning. Another example is the word “that” may seem like an inoffensive word, but it’s usually not necessary. For example, “It’s the most delicious cake that I’ve eaten” could just as easily “It’s the most delicious cake I’ve eaten”. Remove this flabby word for most streamlined content.
Write content that grabs buyer’s attention.
Posey Girl Flowers – Wheat Ridge was named for the golden ridges of wheat. As unsuccessful miners returned to the area and began farming, the wheat fields were converted to fruit orchards and vegetable fields. Eventually the fruit and vegetable farming gave way to greenhouses and the largest production of carnations in the world, earning Wheat Ridge the designation of “carnation City”.
The first greenhouse in Denver was constructed in 1891 and by 1931, Colorado was considered one of the most important state in the union for production of flowers including Carnations, Roses and Baby’s Breath. Wheat Ridge still celebrates an annual Carnation Festival in August.
Avanti Insurance Services – I-70. Where were we be without it? If original plans for federal highways had been approved, we would be driving a narrow winding road through the mountains.
In the 1940s, when Congress held hearings on a federal-aid highway bill for the interstate program the original plans did not include a route west of Denver. The reason to the U.S. Bureau of Public Roads, was there was no economic justification for constructing an interstate route through the mountains. In 1956, after a series of compromises and the lobbying of then Colorado governor Edwin C. Johnson, the U.S. House and passed and President Eisenhower signed, the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956, adding 1,000 miles to the interstate system. In1957, the expanded interstate mileage included the western extension from Denver to Cove Fort, Utah, but it took years to complete this portion of the interstate. Finally finished in 1992, the route through Glenwood Canyon is a world-class scenic byway with forty-plus bridges and viaducts and a tunnel to minimize damage to the breathtaking canyon. Today the I-70 corridor runs 2,200 miles from a park-n-ride lot near the Social Security Administration complex, just inside the Baltimore Beltway to Cove Fort, Utah.
EcoGraphics Printing – Fun content for newsletters or postcards – A golf ball flies on average ten percent farther in Colorado than in other states due to the high altitude. Colorado has always been a sports state, when you are driving to the Pepsi Center to see a basketball, hockey or la crosse game you have driven past streets named Wewatta and Wazee. William McGaa, one of the founders of Denver, named these two streets, Wewatta was named for his original Sioux wife. However, he also named another street, Wazee, after his mistress.

Helen often recommends that we send something to our clients as holidays approach. She is working on an email and mailed postcard to a client base with many clients over the age of 45, to go out for Colorado’s birthday on August 1st.

Happy Birthday to the state where it’s residents:
Can golf in January and go skiing in July
Get depressed after one cloudy day
Sense of direction is: towards the mountains or away from the mountains
Often wear shorts with a parka
Know what a “Chinook”, a “Rocky Mountain Oyster” and a “Fourteener” are
Know where Buffalo Bill’s grave is and the real South Park is
Most importantly, having the satisfaction knowing that California and Texas are downstream

Your real competition is buyer inertia. Quality content influences buyers to break the ice of customer indifference. The Internet uncorked the genie of audience control and it is never going back in the bottle.
Quality content encourages deeper engagement with you.
Helen Masterson* Masterson & Friends Communications * 303.467.9680 * helen@guestguidepublications.com


Our second speaker today was Lori Bush-Engel of Modern Woodmen of America in Golden, Colorado.
Reality check —
Your life depends on your decisions.
Make the decision to protect your family with life insurance.
They may depend on it someday.
My job is to help you plan for your future and provide peace of mind.
Let’s talk soon!
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