Our only speaker today was Denise Wing of Academy National Mortgage and Advance Arrangements in Lakewood, Colorado. Today Denise wanted to speak to us about Advance Arrangements you virtual filing cabinet. Are you prepared or a sitting duck for fire, flood, theft, accidents, ill health or even death? Hopefully none of these catastrophes will happen to you, however, most people affected by any of these catastrophes never expected them to happen either. Assume that you have a fire in your home – if you are home what would you try to grab first – kids, maybe clothes, purse, insurance papers, computers, pictures. If you are not at home when a tragedy like this happens all of the belongings are lost – how long would it take to re-create everything you will have lost. Or in case of death or disability – if you are the person that handles everything, does your spouse or some other person know how to access all of your information and what needs to be done and people to contact? This is where Advance Arrangements comes in, organizing everything in one place that is accessible 24/7 no matter where you are. It began as a database for funeral arrangements and life insurance policies and has evolved into a complete online filing cabinet for everything from household appliance information to resume and military information to your final arrangements.

Items that you can upload:

Insurance Policies – home, auto, medical

Allergies and medical issues/medicines

Living Wills and Medical Directives – in case of an accident away from home or if your need to access while in the hospital

Financial Information –income statements, bank accounts, investments, loans, credit card information – what if you are traveling and your purse is stolen and you need to contact all those companies right away.

Vehicles – VIN numbers, insurance agent

Passwords and User Names – this is a secure sight for all those passwords

Tax Returns, Divorce Decrees, Bankruptcy Papers – stuff that a lender would need

Contacts – we all have these in our phones and computers. What if you lost your phone and didn’t have access to your home computer. In case of death or disability would your loved ones know who and how to contact.

Passports – how many of you carry a copy of your passport with you when you travel abroad?

Do you or your spouse work out of town and like to have access to documents while away (ie. military stationed elsewhere for a length of time)?

With Advance Arrangements LLC you have everything in one place, with one password to remember to access your whole life, no need to rummage through your file cabinet. Advance Arrangements LLC is a secure, online, affordable membership-based service where clients use their secure access for information they might store in their home filing cabinet. Go to www.advancearrangements.com to get further information on what Advance Arrangements LLC can do for you.

Denise Wing * Advance Arrangement LLC * 303.902.0082 * denise@advancearrangements.com * www.advancearrangements.com