This week we had Dr. Erin Foley-Kruse of Mountain Lifestyles Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center in Golden as our first speaker. Erin talked about the acupuncture services that she offers for her patients. Dr. Erin Foley-Kruse has been in practice for 22 years – spending 12 years of that time in Golden, Colorado. Her schooling in acupuncture includes a 3 year course of 500 hours of training followed by a 3 month internship and is NCAAOM certified, one a few here in Colorado. Acupuncture has been around for between 3000-5000 years in Chinese medicine, originally the needles were actually made of bone and they trained students on energy sensitive people. Acupuncture is the the use of the body meridians that are found throughout the body, releasing endorphins that relax the muscle and relieve pain. There are 14 meridian lines that run through the human body, each different meridian line helps or effects parts of the body, an example of this is working with the liver meridian can help with migraine headaches. The various meridians throughout the body can help with a variety of injuries and other problems, from mild traumatic brain injury – like what you would get from whiplash in a car accident or beginning stages of carpel tunnel syndrome. Dr Erin Foley Kruse recommends 6 sessions, beginning with a traditional Chinese diagnosis which takes about an hour and a half and will have several points of evaluation.  This gives her a starting point to design a course of treatment and which meridians need to be worked on to better your health. So if you are thinking about working with an acupuncturist or a chiropractor your first call should be to Dr. Erin Foley Kruse at Mountain Lifestyles Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center.

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Our second speaker was Mary Walewski, standing in for Maki Delaet, of Educyber, your technology parter. Mary started her talk with a few fact or crap questions about social media, questions like does Dick Cheney have more Twitter followers than Ashton Kutcher – which is crap, or are the more employees on Linkdin than managers – crap, how about there are more people under 25 than those over 25 on Facebook – that is crap too. The opportunities of the new world of social network marketing have become things that we as business owners are looking into. Businesses are using Twitter to drive people to their business at just the right moment – such as a bakery tweeting that the bread is fresh out of the oven or a barbeque shop tweeting were their truck will be and followers show up to buy barbeque. When posting on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter be yourself and don’t sell, just let the people see you as you are, the referrals will come in from second and third hand referrals. Such examples of this are Stephanie Meyer of the Twilight series – she started with a MySpace page and her blog, as people read it they created forums and fan pages that eventually got her a three book deal. Another example is the basis of Julie & Julia, this also came from a blog, people reading the blog started to send emails for more information – then CBS Morning News set up an interview  and now she has a second book in the works.  So using a blog to increase your sales with tips of your trade or posting ideas on your Facebook page is something that most businesses need to look into. There is also a business section on Facebook, although you have to personal to set one up. Keep it simple for both business and personal – and don’t post anything on your Facebook or Linkedin that you wouldn’t want your mom to see. Keep Maki and Educyber in mind when setting up your web page, or if you need help learning the new world of social networking for your business.

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