Today we had one of our newest members speak, Karen Lee of Lillie Lee Massage Center in Golden, Colorado. Karen has been doing massage and body work for 24 years She became involved with acupressure after experiencing how powerful it can be during a difficult point in her life. Karen took her time today to discuss acupressure with us and demonstrate how it works. Acupressure is a combination of the meridian points of acupuncture and pressure applied along these points rather than needles and has been part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Those who study the martial arts are also taught how to do acupressure on themselves to remove blockages and enhance circulation and will also use the acupressure points to disable their opponents. There are 12 main pressure points in acupressure that work along the 28 meridian lines of the body – the acupressure works by applying pressure at various points along this line to clear energy blockages and help the flow of energy throughout the body. The pressure can be applied with the acupressurist hand, an acuball – a small rubber ball with bumps that can be heated, and energy roller –a cylinder with bumps all over the surface, the foot roller or krupa chakra that is place on the floor and the foot is rolled back and forth across it, a pyramid mat – this has pyramid shaped bumps that you walk on and the spine roller – this is a bumpy roller with magnets that rolled up and down the spine. At this point Karen’s talk she wanted to show us how acupressure works. By applying pressure to the top of you head with your left hand and the first point with your right hand on your third eye, this is to relieve stress. Then keeping your left hand where it is move to the bridge of your nose and apply pressure – this helps the health of the uterus,  by moving your right hand down to your clavicle this helps bringing out your voice and ability to talk about difficult issues. Then, in moving down to the heart chakra and applying pressure here – this creates harmony and will help with grief issues and by moving down to your diaphragm the pressure here helps the health of your kidneys and by moving your right hand and applying pressure to the area right above your belly button you can improve the health of your pubic area.. Karen talked about the benefits of acupressure and how it has positively effect her life and lives of many of her clients, one example was Terry Gore, who has been suffering TMJ and by applying pressure to specific trigger points in her mouth, relieved the pain that Terry was experiencing.

Karen also does therapeutic massage and has studied the various forms – whether it be sports massage, pregnancy, infant or a Swedish massage she has studied and well trained in each of these aspects of massage. Although something to keep in mind – a Swedish massage – the most common request – will leave you feeling like you ran a three mile race the next day, because of the endorphins that are released during the massage. If you need to release some stress or relieve some pain Karen Lee is the person to see!

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