Our first speaker today was Kay Cruson, EA – accounting and tax in Lakewood, Colorado. She started her presentation speaking about continuing or professional education – does your industry require it? She was looking at the list of her continuing education classes that she has attended, some of the highlights (or reminders of what she knows and forgot or some with new perspective. Here are some of the classes she has taken this year.
• The most recent class covered the Kiddie Tax, Divorce filing, Making the right choices after tax reform.
• Employee vs Independent Contractor -the tax implications
• Special Tax issues for Senior Citizen Clients
• Reducing Personal Risk: A Trustee’s Guide to Handling Duties of Care  (elder care)
• Innocent Spouse Relief – this is when a spouse files fraudulent tax documents and the other spouse is aware.
• How to Handle a Sales Tax Audit
• Common IRS Red Flags
Along with these classes Kay also has 8 hours of the Federal Tax Update and another 2 hours on Ethics.
Kay briefly talked about the presentations over the last year.
• Payroll Tax Primer
• Adjustments to Income
• Home Office Deductions
• Social Security – history and obtaining your statement
• Yearly Highlights of the Federal Tax update (revisited)
Most of Kay’s presentations cover the importance of original documentation for each years’ tax preparation and yet one of the most frequently asked questions is – “When can I shred my old tax documents?” The answer is 4 years for personal and 7 for business – the one thing you want to keep in mind went shredding your documents is always check with the Social Security Administration and make sure that their salary history matches what your tax documents say. The second most common question this year has been “How does the new tax law affect me?”.  Mainly – for this year no changes – next year the Standard Deductions increase threshold for itemizing is higher the lowest standard deduction is 12,000 for filing single and up to 18,000 for head of household, secondly the exemption is eliminated.
If you are looking for an accountant and tax preparer that keeps up with all the new changes in tax laws, give Kay Cruson a call!
Kay Cruson, EA * Accounting & Tax  * 303.937.3468 * k.cruson@att.net

The second speaker today was Laura Kilty from Shaklee in Golden, Colorado. Her presentation today started off with a new product from Shaklee. The Organic Greens Booster, this product is a whole food supplement providing one cup of raw, organic and nutrient-rich green vegetables in every scoop. This makes it easy to get the vegetables often missed in meals. It contains 30 servings in every canister and cost 25.00 or .83 cents per cup of greens. Simply by adding one scoop to your favorite Life Energizing shake or to soup, stew or even pasta. The possibilities are almost endless. Organic Greens Booster is also a great way to “sneak” some greens into your kids’ (or hubby’s) favorite foods. The Organic Greens Booster contains dehydrated kale, spinach and broccoli in their purest form with all the fiber intact. It is also an excellent source of Vitamin K and delivers lutein and zeaxanthin along with other vitamins and minerals – supporting eye, cardiovascular and bone health. These antioxidant vitamins play many important roles in the body, including regulating immune function and protecting cells from damaging free radicals. Broccoli is rich in B vitamins, the nutrients that help the body convert food into energy and recent research has shown to provide powerful protectors against cancer. Spinach is among the best sources of Vitamin K and folate. Vitamin K is a nutrient necessary for blood clotting and it can also protect against osteoporosis as well as inflammatory diseases. Folate is required for DNA replication and repair along with help preventing birth defects. So – it is always best to eat your green vegetables but to help you get that extra serving each day simply add the new Shaklee’s Organic Green Booster. Think of this product as a Life Hack to make it easier to get your recommended number of vegetables daily.
Organic Greens Booster is not for you if you are on blood thinners or your doctor has told you to avoid additional Vitamin K and has you limiting kale, broccoli or spinach.
Laura spoke about a couple different nutrients. First, being the OmegaGuard – Shaklee’s Fish Oil – most of us tend to associate fish oil with healthy hearts. That’s true, it is shown to reduce triglycerides and cholesterol, it also helps raise the HDL and lowers the LDL, lowers blood pressure, reducing the risk of plaque and blood clots. That’s a power house right there, but along with those benefits it will also reduce inflammation and supports brain, eye and joint health. Next is Garlic – this is an often over looked nutrient but one that Laura keeps in her natural medicine cabinet. It is nature’s antibiotic because it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. Along with the side benefits which include reducing cholesterol, lowering triglycerides and raising the HDL. Garlic is a blood cleanser and traps heavy metals, protecting the liver from toxins. One thing to consider is allicin, that’s the stinky part of garlic. But that stinky part is the effective part that your body needs. Many products claim to be “odorless” – that’s a code word that you want to stay away from – they have done something to the allicin, so that it is not as effective. Shaklee has mixed their Garlic with spearmint and rosemary to help with odor control, so your friends will sit next to you!
We all know that the Winter Olympics were just completed and the Shaklee Pure Performance Team members came back with 7 medals – 5 Gold (3 Women’s Hockey and Men Curling) and 2 Bronze (Team Pursuit Long Track Speed Skating and Figure Skating Mixed Teams). It was a good year for the Pure Performance Team!
Lastly – Side Effects vs Side Benefits – The power of nutrition. We all know about the side effects of medications – just listen to any commercial for any of the gazillion medications out there. It certainly begs to question is the treatment worse than the disease. So, if you would rather have Side Benefits than Side Effects give Laura Kilty a call and she can help you with that plan.
Laura Kilty * Shaklee * 720.480.5361 * KiltyCo@aol.com