Today’s first speaker was Anna Kay Roche, CPA, and today she spoke about the changes in tax laws for our 2009 taxes. Anna went on to explain a few of the new changes such example as the Making Work Pay Credit – if you have earned income from working, it is 6.2% of your earned income – but not more than $400 or $800 married filing jointly. Next is the Economic Recovery Payment – any economic recovery payment that you received is not taxable for your federal taxes but it will reduce your Making Work Credit. If you took advantage of the Cash For Clunkers opportunity – the $3500 or $4000 payment or credit is not taxable. If you have been or currently are unemployed – your Unemployment Compensation is taxable only over $2400.  Another deduction to keep in mind is the Motor Vehicle tax – if you bought a new motor vehicle after Feb 16, 2009 you may be able to deduct the state, local or excise taxes on the purchase. In those states that don’t have sales tax there are other fees you can deduct. Also the First time Homebuyer Credit – this credit has been increased to $8000 or $4000 if married filing separately for homes bought after 2008 and before May 1, 2010 (July 1, 2010 if you have a contract on or before May 1, 2010) so you can take the credit on your 2010 purchase on your 2009 taxes. Important to keep in mind is that if you took the credit in 2008 and sold your house in 2009. With divorced or separated parents – the non custodial parent can no longer attached the divorce or separation papers – but must file a form 8332 if the papers were filed after 2008. Some of the other items that Anna talked about changes coming in 2010 – the phase out of the tax exemptions and credits, this is making it really hard to plan for future tax years. So if you are working through your taxes and find that you need a hand give Anna Kay Roche a call and she can help you find your way through the tax maze.

Anna Kay Roche, CPA  *  303.403.0775

Our second speaker today was Ruthie Williams, of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Ruthie started her talk today with a hands on trial of the New Time Wise Even Complexion Mask. She had each of us put a dab on the back of one hand and massage in. We left it on for about 5 minutes and the wiped it off with a damp napkin. You could really feel a difference between to treated hand and the untreated hand. The New Time Wise Even Complexion Mask brings the blood to the surface and exfoliates the skin – making your skin brighter and firmer, it also helps with age spots. The Even Complexion Mask has been developed with pure botanical extracts and is a wonderful addition to your Time Wise regimen. Ruthie explained the benefits of using the entire Time Wise line, the Time Wise products are designed to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, firm, protect, energize and brighten your skin.  The Time Wise Collection has 6 items to improve and brighten your skin – the 3-1 Cleanser – use this product at night following your circadian rhythm and removing dead skin and impurities the your skin has endured all day. The Age Fighting Moisturizer – to be used morning and at night to hydrate your skin and create a barrier for your skin from the elements. This is an antioxidant enriched lotion that provides 10 hours of hydration. Next is the Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 25, use this product every morning before applying your moisturizer to block the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays. The Time Wise Night Solution – use every night before applying your moisturizer to help rebuild your skin while you sleep – it stimulates your collagen to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Another product in the Time Wise Line is the Serum+C, a naturally enriched product that has5 different extracts known for their high levels of Vitamin C that is proven to help with collagen production and support elastin. Using all of these products together along with the Time Wise Mask – can make a brighter and younger looking you. Mary Kay Satin Hands set has a new addition to the line for those who didn’t like the peach smell of the original can now get a fragrance free version – to keep your hands looking young and smooth.  Another new product is the Mary Kay Eyebrow Gel that helps keep your brows in place, it comes with a wand that is similar to an eyelash wand to help in the application. If you want to look younger and brighter give Ruthie Williams a call to get you started on a skin care regimen designed for you!

Ruthie Williams * 303.278.320 *

And lastly, member Dottie Johnson, our massage therapist, is having an Open House at Massage Haven, 2500 Youngfield St., Ste. 6, Lakewood, CO 80215. So check out the full variety of services offered by the women of Massage Haven on Saturday, February 13th 2010, 3:00 to 5:00 pm and maybe pick up a gift certificate for your sweetheart!!