Our first speaker today was Kelly Baille from Lincs Carpet Care and Restoration in Arvada, Colorado. Kelly wanted to talk to us today about choices whether it is in our own life or those of our customers. All our customers make a choice to do business with us and the reasons that they may make the choice to do or not do business with us very greatly. Having a level of trust may be the first reason people decide to do business with us, creating that trust is important with all you clients. They may be clients that are loyal to a member of your company or the level of service that they have had from your company is over the top phenomenal or maybe from a great referral. It may be that the time to complete the task or product is always what they need and want along with the knowledge that you impart to them along with that great service. Another big choice that your customers face is cost, they may find your cost right in line with what they need or they may find your cost prohibitive to continue doing business with you. One choice that may not always come to the forefront until it is to late may be a bad experience with one of your employees or products. Another choice that both you and your clients will make choices on is your skill set, Kelly admits that she would never be able to find a way to get you off the spammers list on Google but she can work with you to figure out your needs when it comes to carpet care and flood restoration. There are lots of choices out there for your clients and sometimes making sure that your clients have the choices and options that they need to want to business with you is an element in your business that you really need to look at and consider. Speaking of a personal example in her own life recently that had nothing to do with her business but will show the power of making choices. It had to do with the Jefferson County School system; they have offered parents the ability to choose which school their child goes to. You have the choice to home school (based on your address) or if a school has a vacancy to go to a school with certain elements that you think would be a huge advantage to your child. Kelly’s family ran into a brick wall with a lack of choice for her daughter but they had perseverance and not hanging up the phone she found that they were able to look at all the programs available for their child. They found that standing up and fighting for the choices (or lack of) that they were able to get her into a program that suited her needs and wants in a classroom environment. Translating this to the business arena, you may find that in either offering your clients to many or not enough choices may be detrimental to your business. Within all our businesses your clients make the choice to do business with every time they call and it may be an emotional choice or a brick wall situation, so be as mindful as you can when offering them a choice about your companies services. The other reason she wanted to talk about choices was that with their own business of carpet care and restoration. The services that they offer for simple maintenance or a full on carpet cleaning, her husband Brian can give the choices you need to make the best decision for your specific needs. Lincs Carpet Care & Restoration gives you choices in the type of cleaner you use and will work with your schedule to provide the service you need. However, in the restoration side, the situation is very chaotic and decisions have to be made quickly to save and reconstruct your life. Whether it was your water heater that broke or a sewer back up or even a flood from the outside this is a very stressful time and it can seem that your choices are somewhat limited. This is not an area or business that you may have a long term relationship with and that uncertainty can lead to more stress and chaos. In 2007 Colorado made it official that you have choices within your insurance claim that allows the homeowner to choose which company they bring into their home. This allows you to take the referral that you will get from your insurance company or bring in your own company to do the work. Once again allowing you to make that choice as well as have more control in that aspect of reconstructing the damage in your home. Leailia had a question about an insurance claim on her mother’s house last year when she had a flood and it was discovered that there was asbestos in the area that needed to be abated, her claim adjuster wanted two companies to do the bid one that Leailia found and another that he called. Once the claims were in, Leailia requested the company that she felt most comfortable with, however the adjuster told her that he was going to have the second company (his referral) do the job and that if Leailia wanted to use her choice she would have to pay the difference. Kelly stated that she is not surprised that happens and that adjusters may work with certain companies and receive referral fees. This is not illegal but in this situation before having the work done you should call your agent and complain about the situation and you may get the company you want. Keep in mind that the adjuster that comes out may not work strictly for your insurance company but may work for as many as 10 companies – he or she may have companies for services that they have worked with for many years and give the contracts to them. Most claims are run through “Xactamate” an online service to get estimated costs for repairs in your area. The Xactamate program takes into account the damage, cost of replacement products in your area and labor costs in your state, combining those factors and gives the adjuster a price that should cover your claim. Generally, through this system you will be funneled through the few nationwide restoration companies, so make sure that you request a bid through a smaller local company to allow you to have as many choices as you need. If you feel that you are not getting the choices you feel you need to get the job completed to you satisfaction, first contact your agent and if that does not work, contact the insurance commissioner for your state. Kelly wanted to cover this today so that if something happens in the future we are better prepared and have the information that we have choices to make even in a crisis. If you need carpet care or are in need of someone that can do flood restorations keep Kelly and Brian of Lincs Carpet Care and Restoration in mind – they will offer you the choices you need to get your job done to your satisfaction!!!

Kelly Baille * Lincs Carpet Care and Restoration * 303.278.1988 * info@lincscarpetcare.com * www.lincscarpetcare.com

Edna Miklos of The Hair Place in Lakewood, Colorado was our first speaker today. Edna explained to our new members that she has owned The Hair Place for 25 years and been a stylist for 34 years and at her salon they have a saying “Your Hair is Your Most Important Accessory.” At The Hair Place there are 5 stylists to take car of any of your hair care needs, including Foils, Weaves, Frosts, Glosses, Overall Colors, Texturizers, High & Low Lights, along with hair cuts for Men, Women & Children. Not only do they offer full service hair care, they also do Manicures, Pedicures and facial waxing. Today Edna wanted to discuss common problems with hair and how to correct them. The first problem is Lack Luster Locks, when your hair has no shine and has a dull finish. This situation is caused by the cuticle or outer layer of hair is not laying flat or has a rough surface which does not reflect the light that makes your hair shine. There are a couple ways to solve this problem the first is to use a moisturizing conditioner or a protein treatment that will help seal the cuticle layer – make sure that you are using a moisturizing product designed for your hair type. The other method that will help the cuticle is a semi permanent or a gloss, either with a color tone or clear to add luster, shine and some body to your hair. At The Hair Place, they use Redken Shades EQ for their glosses, calling it a color that thinks it’s a conditioner. Redken Shades EQ is the best on the market and can be used as a one time treatment or as a regular color applied every four to six weeks. The second common problem Edna spoke about was Thin Fine Hair, a common problem for both men and women. Edna’s first solution was to use a hair care regimen designed for fine, thinning hair. The Hair Place recommends the Nioxen line, using this three step process will help with further hair loss and will help keep the scalp in optimal condition for hair growth. The Nioxen Starter Kit has all three steps in one package and costs 45.00 which is much cheaper that Ovation, which can only be purchased online for 85.00. The second option for managing fine hair is either getting some color put in or texturize your hair. The color option will give your hair more volume because the color roughs up the cuticle layer of your hair. When going with the chemical option on your hair remember to use reconstructors to maintain the integrity of your hair. The last problem Edna spoke to us about was Dry Damaged Hair, a very common problem here in Colorado. Edna’s first solution is to eliminate as much of the over abuse, such as hair dryers, curling irons and flat irons, as you can. Use products that are designed to protect your hair when using these tools, Redken has many products designed this way and will help it hold the style. Her second recommendation for the treatment of dry or chemically damaged hair was the use of reconditioners or protein based treatments. These items will help replace the protein lost through chemical treatments and restore the moisture balance to your hair. At The Hair Place they recommend and use three product lines – Nioxin, Redken and Tri Hair Care, they have found that keeping your hair in good condition by using good products makes their job easier. Letting you enjoy your hair and style with ease. So if you are looking for a stylist that really cares about your hair keep Edna Miklos and The Hair Place in mind!!

Edna Miklos * The Hair Place * 303.233.4764 * eemiklos@aol.com