Today our first speaker was Dr. Erin Foley of Mountain Lifestyles Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Golden, Colorado. Dr. Foley has been in practice since 1987 and at the same location in Golden for the last thirteen years. Our backs our complicated structures with many bones, ligaments, muscle and nerves. Many people complain of back pain at some point in their lives whether it be from a strain or just not taking care of their back. To avoid straining your back Dr Erin Foley has a couple of recommendations: 1) Maintain a healthy diet and weight. 2) Remain active – try to work out 3 times a week. 3) Avoid prolonged inactivity. 4) Warm up or stretch prior to physical activity (even gardening). 5) Watch your posture. 6) Always lift with your knees and do not twist your back when lifting. These few items will help you to avoid back pain or injury throughout your life. However, if you have pack pain, Erin wanted to dispel the myth of bone cracking, originally chiropractors would put you on a table and would literally crack your back to release the pressure vacuum that can build up between the vertebrae. These days there is more finesse with the use of more sophisticated chiropractic tables and a chiropractic tool called the activator –a hand held instrument that the chiropractor can adjust to apply a very directed and exact amount pressure to the joint. When you have injured or strained your back and go to a chiropractor depending on your age and the type of injury Dr. Erin Foley can give you relief in about two weeks, if you continue visits up to four weeks – 75% of her patients are out of pain. At this point Dr. Foley would recommend a maintenance program that will keep you out of pain and in alignment. Erin commented that most of her male clients come in until the pain is gone and then she won’t see them again until they have another problem, and with her women clients once they are out of pain they will come back for routine maintenance. Chiropractic treatments allow the patients to be in control of their own body, avoid surgery and long term pain medications. A question was asked “What about people who crack their own necks, backs or other joints? Does this cause other problems?” Dr. Erin Foley explained that when cracking your own neck or other joint this is actually adjusting above or below the injury point rather than the area that is truly the problem. It most likely will not cause further injury but will create an area of hyper-mobility in the affected area. Dr. Foley wanted to leave us with a list of areas and conditions she can treat with chiropractic care: 1) low back pain 2) sciatica 3) neck pain/strain 4) headaches 5) joint pain (hip, shoulder, elbow, ankle and knee) 6) sprains/strain or injury 7) arthritis. Combining her experience with acupuncture in her office she can also treat: 1) fibromyalgia 2) menopause 3) PMS 4) pregnancy issues 5) bell’s palsy 6) vertigo 7) digestive ailments and IBS. When looking for a natural way to manage your health related issues give Dr. Erin Foley a call!      

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The second speaker today was Linda Schaffer of GL Specialties of Arvada, Colorado. The first item that Linda wanted to discuss was about ordering promotional products ourselves online, a client of GL Specialties went online to order t-shirts for a function – thinking it would be simple – really – what could go wrong. Apparently just about everything – they ordered a simple white t-shirt with a one color logo on the front side of the shirt. When they received the shirts last week – the material was so thin you could see right through it – the logo that they sent was not “camera ready” and the t-shirt company did not contact the client for correct art. So not only could you see through the shirts – their logo was hardly legible and the ink had also transferred to the back side of the shirt. So, yes you can order promotional items online, but you do need to know what you are doing. That is where Linda and GL Specialties comes in – not only has Linda been in the industry for a long time, she has worked with many of the best manufactures out there and will work to get you the best product at the best cost for you. Linda understands what the companies need for artwork and she will not let anything go into production until it is right!

Linda also had some samples of what is out there now and is new and different. The first item she displayed was a portable flower vase – this has become a popular item. They are made of flexible plastic and fold flat, but when opened up they have a flat bottom and can be filled with water and flowers, with you logo on the front. Though these have become popular there are a few manufactures that haven’t really got the hang of it and the vases are hard to open and keep open. The next item Linda had was a desk toy called a popper – you push (really hard) and it suctions to the desk and when it releases it pops. Linda’s favorite manufacturer in California – mainly deals in the hard plastics – is now making a line of safety glasses that are very stylish and has your name on both sides. The one that stumped us was the grocery bag carrier, a molded piece that has a comfortable grip and can carry quite a few bags in one load. These come in about 20 different colors and has a large imprint area. Linda’s clever promotional product was a toothpaste squeezer – this to comes in a multitude of colors and would be the perfect promotional for a dentist!

Linda also wanted to discuss imprinting on promotional products – you want to pick an item that has an area large enough to get you message out – you do not want to try to put 5 lines of type and your logo on a pen for example. Linda can help you with this decision and get you started in the right direction when looking into promoting your business. Lastly Linda wanted to discuss t-shirts again, imprinting versus embroidery – with imprinting – now days they use better technology so you can get many colors and will not have to worry about tight registration charges that we had to deal with in the past. Embroidery can look nice – you will have to use a higher quality shirt however to avoid puckering and sagging when worn. Also when doing embroidery keep the colors to a minimum the additional colors can drive to cost up – with set up (per color) and close registration (per color) – to a point that it may not be worth it in the end! If you are looking for someone to help you promote your business Linda Schaffer at GL Specialties has the expertise and knowledge to get the right product for you! 

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